The Team

Dr_Paul_Cole (2)_            Paul Cole, Manager, Applebrook West, LLC

With connections to Amherst that go back to the 1970’s when Paul attended Hampshire College and continued when his son attended UMass, Paul sees Hartswell Farm as fitting in with the community in terms of its vernacular architecture and respect for the natural environment. He is committed to creating new homes for people that will be comfortable, beautiful and energy efficient. He’s developed a number of properties in Massachusetts ranging from single residences to condominiums in historic homes.

IMG_7728           Rus Wilson, Builder,  Pat Wilson, Designer

Rus and Pat Wilson have been designing, contracting and building in the Pioneer Valley for over forty years. Their building experience, individually and collectively, ranges from historic and contemporary renovations to custom and speculative home building. Education has been an ongoing element of their years in designing and building, but their ability to work with clients and professionals on a personal level is the foundation of their enjoyment and career. The family business has included their daughter Tani on the office end, and their son Henry as the primary carpenter and craftsman on site along with the skilled crew.
Collaborative projects include the relocation of three historic homes to the Emily Dickinson Homestead neighborhood. In addition to the pivotal Henry Hills House, these homes were renovated with great detail to retain and restore their classical features. The early work on the Henry Hills House was featured in the Boston Globe, and a local trade magazine also featured the painstaking restoration of authentic trim that was re-created for these projects.

Judy             Judith Nast, Manager, Applebrook West, LLC

Having worked closely with Paul Cole on a number of projects, Judith brings her experience as a psychologist and knowledge of interior design to identify surface finishes and amenities that will enrich and enliven living spaces. She’s worked with many customers to insure that tile, counters and colors work together to achieve the customers’ visions of what they would like their new homes to be.

nash head shot        Michael Nash,  Consultant

With four plus decades of experience Michael is a real estate professional who has sold and created several exclusive homes and condominium developments. He has managed and created real estate venues that reach out to a client’s special needs in creating a sales experience that is both satisfying and enriching to the client.  Michael’s experience and expertise will be invaluable in ensuring that the homes at Hartswell Farm will be about listening to clients needs as they pursue their dream home. Our goal as a team is to make your purchase at Hartswell Farms a fun, insightful and satisfying experience from entire purchase. start to finish!

Our Partners

Real Estate:                                          Jacqui Zuzgo, Five College Realtors

Site Planning & Engineering:            Berkshire Design Group

Solar:                                                      Northeast Solar

Efficiency:                                              Center for EcoTechnology (CET)

Financing:                                             Greenfield Cooperative Bank

Legal:                                                      Tom Reidy, Bacon Wilson, P.C.