The Site

The homes at Hartswell Farm are being built on almost 12 acres of rolling fields, woods and streams.  Fully half of the land has been set aside for open space that will never be built upon. This was the vision of Judy Nast and Paul Cole, the owners of this serene setting.  The cluster design of Hartswell Farm has been carefully planned to minimize the loss of conservation open space, while at the same time preserving your privacy and scenic views.  Trails connect Hartswell Farm to town conservation land and the Holyoke Range State Park. Combine the long views of field and forest with the short walk to Atkins Farm, known far and wide for its orchards and gourmet groceries,  and you have a new home that is beautiful, convenient and energy efficient. Come visit us today!

1-24-18 color site plan


The Neighborhood

Hartswell Farm is located in South Amherst, diagonally across from Atkins Farm and 1/2 a mile from Hampshire College