Whatever your interests, Amherst has a wide array of events, activities and resources

Picture a classic New England town in your mind’s eye and you’ll see Amherst. A town green surrounded by historic buildings…a vibrant, intellectual hub. The lively downtown is filled with diverse stores, coffee shops, art galleries, bookstores, restaurants and all against a backdrop of historic architecture and beautiful parks. Amherst is the home of 3 prestigious colleges which bring in concerts, lectures and performances of all sorts.



Hartswell Farm is just down the road from Atkins Farms, a 50 year old institution that’s the perfect place for an ice cream or shopping local produce and groceries…and don’t get me started on the cider donuts! The town of Amherst has a long term, thoughtfully considered plan to develop a second town center next to Atkins Farms,  that will make Heartswell Farm’s location even more convenient without sacrificing its open spaces and long views. (For more information on the towns plans, look up Atkins Corner at

For a bird’s eye view of the town of Amherst and its high performing public schools:

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Bradley International Airport, 30 miles away in Hartford CT, has 29 airlines, nonstop flights to 26 cities and over 900 flights weekly.