So close, yet so far away from it all…

Welcome to the homes at Hartswell Farm! Nestled by the Mount Holyoke Range and only a short walk to Atkins Farms (for its famous cider donuts), this neighborhood of beautifully designed homes features unmatched construction, architectural style and energy efficiency.

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Minutes from downtown Amherst, Harpswell Farm is 12 acres of rolling fields and forest. The neighborhood of 7 homes was carefully developed to preserve the stunning natural beauty of this site which borders conservation land and state park. The developers, Paul Cole and Judy Nast donated over half the land to be preserved in conservation for the use of the development and those who are in tune with the nature of the trails network. This very generous gift authenticates their love of the area and this development.

Quality Construction

The homes at Hartswell Farm are thoughtfully planned to create homes that are authentic for their location and environment. Idyllic Amherst is dotted with beautiful farmhouses from the 1800’s with generous proportions and elegant trim of the Greek Revival architectural style.  Each house at Hartswell Farm echoes the beautiful balance of Greek Revival farmhouse design with its familiar welcoming entry and classical proportions.  The houses will be built with traditional materials, yet be energy efficient and sited for solar installation. West facing homes will allow for easy conversion to solar, please inquire if that’s your green agenda. Our staff stands ready to help and advise you along your journey of building a new amazing home.

Energy Efficiency and Solar

Along with designing each house with maximum solar exposure, the energy efficiency of Hartswell Farm homes surpass the standard new homes built today. All homes have an inch of additional rigid insulation added between the sheathing the exterior clapboards of the house which both acts a a thermal break and additional insulation.  Homes are sited for optional solar panels and our partner, Northeast Solar, has full plans and arrangements for installation and financing that can cover either 50% or 100% of your electricity requirements.